Santo Stefano & Canelli – Sparkling and Literature

Between Santo Stefano and Canelli, along the “stradone”, you can find “La luna e i falò” places, that are part of the Literary Park of Cesare Pavese such as: the birthplace of the writer, the Mora, the Nuto’s house, the Salto, the Nido, the Gaminella hill.


Many trails leave from the country and allow you to make pleasant walks on the crest of the hills of the Valle Belbo.

The country, whose historic center was largely recovered after the flood of 1994, and here you can find the Centro Studi Cesare Pavese, where there is a library with a large children’s section, and a collection of photographs, manuscripts and editions of the works of Pavese, including the title page of the volume penned the words that the writer left before taking his own life.

Santo Stefano Belbo, strada di Moncucco.

Photo of Santo Stefano Belbo: Massimo Nicolodi e Alessandro


Canelli,  dominated by the hill on which stands the Castello Gancia, is renowned for its sparkling wines and numerous wineries. The town, which has a cosmopolitan atmosphere in spite of its small size, contains numerous art nouveau buildings, testifying the development of ‘900.


Its famous “underground cathedrals”, large cellars with vaulted brick crossing almost the entire underground city, aspiring to become UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Canelli is pleasant all year round, with its crowded bars where you can taste wines along with tasty snacks. A classic is a drink at the cafe Torino, with a glass of Contratto Sparkling wine.

In addition to the famous re-enactment of the Siege L’Assedio (the third weekend in June), the city hosts numerous events throughout the year.


Credits Assedio Photo: Italo Iosero ; Davide Abrigo