Alba – Truffle & Quality Food and Wine

A half-hour drive, Alba is one of the main tourist attraction of Piedmont, mainly because of the production of quality food and wine, truffles and red wines.

But Alba is also an example of the Italian province where good food and good drink are aspects of a more general well being, economic prosperity, social inclusion, relaxed pace of life and, overall, than what is defined as quality of life.

For these reasons, even before the great popularity it has achieved over the past 30 years, Alba has always been a favorite destination for weekend outings of the citizens of northern Italy.

The old town has a medieval: the Via Maestra, with many shops and outdoor cafes, Piazza del Duomo with the cathedral from the beautiful wooden choir, Via Cavour with the medieval towers lowered, the deconsecrated church of San Domenico.

coro ligneo (Bernardino Fossati), cattedrale di San Lorenzo, Alb

At the edge of the old town’s busy Piazza Savona, Art Nouveau, and on the other hand, the modern courthouse, designed by architects Gabetti and Isola.

Some of the more important are the Truffle Fair, for the entire month of October, and Vinum, in late April, but events follow one another throughout the year.

It is also worth making a detour to the bustling Saturday market, which attracts farmers from all over the district. On Saturdays in autumn, in a courtyard of the historic center, holding the truffle market, a nice opportunity to look around the prices and delight the sense of smell.


Photo’s Credits: Xavier de Jauréguiberry and Irene Grassi