Nizza Monferrato e Vinchio: barbera and cooking

Nizza Monferrato heart of Monferrato, has always been a destination for lovers of wine and gastronomy. The hills surrounding the town, in fact, produce a Barbera of excellent quality, which boasts of a designation of sub, just call Nice. Barbera is dedicated to the local very interesting that a fair is held every year in May with the name Nice is barbera. nizza_vino But the city hosts many events whose common figure is the quality of products offered: the pride of the local production is the famous cardoon, ideal in the autumn months with Bagna Cauda. Do not miss the delicious porridge farinata (here called belecauda), local specialty considered as evidence of a close link with the nearby Riviera. It can be enjoyed on the occasion of local events, but also in small pizzerias along the Via Maestra. Another feature of Nizza Monferrato are its elegant butcher shops where you can buy the local beef cattle of the Piedmontese breed. mercato_nizza Do not miss the small museum in Nizza Monferrato, set up at the plant “Bersano” in Piazza Dante with old presses, equipment for processing of wine and a collection of prints on the subject, the Town Hall with a medieval tower in Piazza Martyrs of Alexandria and the picturesque Via Carlo Alberto in front of the Town Hall.


Near Nice, the municipality of  Vinchio worth a trip for two good reasons: the  Parco naturale della Val Sarmassa (Natural Park),a nature reserve between forests and vineyards and winery,  Cantina Sociale which has established itself over the years for the excellent value / price of its wines. Always very crowded, has a decidedly informal, with wine tasting and a free offer is very diverse. In spring, the country is home to a pleasant event dedicated to asparagus, but the Cantina and the Park organize other events throughout the year. vinchioPhoto Credits: Alessandro, Stefano Pertusati,  T.J. Morton